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CAD/CAM център за принтиране и фрезоване на дентални конструкции


4K / 60 fps

Highly dynamic photography ideal for professionals

3 Kg

Lightweight design for portability and flexibility.

6 Hours

6 hours of autonomy in a lightweight battery

Един център, много възможности

Изброените по-горе услуги са само част от възможностите, които можем да ви предложим. Центърът ни е оборудван с голям брой мощни високопрецизни индустриални 5 аксизни CNC машини, проектирани за постоянен непрекъснат цикъл на фрезоване с точност до микрони. Разполагаме с различни видове  CAD и CAM софтуери и модули. Оборудвани сме с 15 броя 3D принтери с различни технически възможности и размери. Ако имате нужда от съдействие, свържете се с нас и ние ще ви предложим решение.

Drone Features

The things you get when buying the Drone – base model

Auto-focus lock

Take the header builder to a new level with new awesome components: socials, contact, breadcrumbs and many more.

GPS Locator

Give a huge boost to your entire blogging experience with features specially designed for increased user experience.

Shock absorption

AI System the true flexibility of Elementor with powerful addons and templates that you can import with just one click.

Multiple styles available

Empower your online store with awesome new features, specially designed for a smooth WooCommerce integration.

6 Hours autonomy

Simple but effective module to help you navigate back to the top of the really long pages.

Compliant with law specs

For any developer or agency out there building websites for their own clients, we’ve made it easy to present the theme as your own.

Optimised for Action and stability

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Albert James

Timmes Magazine

Revolutionary features

Pork belly portland fingerstache pitchfork dreamcatcher, retro lo-fi deep v chillwave fixie kitsch bitters.

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